Welcome to VIDEA’s 12th Global Solidarity Challenge

VIDEA  is a non-profit based out of Victoria, BC.

The Global Solidarity Challenge is VIDEA’s annual fundraiser. It is a huge reason we are able to do what we do. The unrestricted funds raised from the GSC allow us to direct our resources where they are most needed when they are most needed.

Why Global Solidarity? VIDEA’s core values, work, and programs all revolve around solidarity with the communities, partners, and people we work with. It’s about being united and always showing our support in our actions and words. For the week of the Global Solidarity Challenge, we do this by participating in challenges that draw attention to global issues and hopefully stimulate meaningful conversations that can lead to real change.

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Total Raised $26,713 / $20,000

  1. Lynn Thornton

    $2,555 donated of $2,000 goal
  2. Jennifer Dosanj

    $2,100 donated of $2,100 goal
  3. Brianna Long

    $1,875 donated of $1,850 goal
  4. Lesley Palmer

    $1,600 donated of $1,700 goal
  5. Andy Harris

    $1,496 donated of $1,500 goal
  1. Ewe Got Mail

    $9,275 donated of $4,000 goal
  2. Social Butterflies

    $5,697 donated of $4,000 goal
  3. Aunties

    $4,940 donated of $4,000 goal
  4. Dandy Lions

    $4,351 donated of $4,000 goal
  5. Bee Connected

    $2,000 donated of $4,000 goal
  1. Ben Jessome

  2. Rita Storey

  3. Mark Levinson

  4. Tara Morellato

  5. Eleanor Good

  6. Rupi Sekhon

  7. Anonymous

  8. Celina Chabot

  9. Julia Savidge

  10. Agnes Langlois

  11. Becca Smith

  12. Bronwyn Neufeld

  13. Beena Kashyap

  14. Jaswinder Heer

  15. Emily Mathison