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Welcome to VIDEA’s 13th Global Solidarity Challenge!

Are you ready for a challenge: one that will test your resilience, compassion, and community networks? VIDEA is about to put your skills to the test through our annual fundraising event, The Global Solidarity Challenge: Foragers and Scavengers Edition!

Over the past year, we’ve witnessed devastating forest fires, floods, landslides, and major weather events globally. Calls for climate action have been brought to the forefront and yet there are still 34 boil water advisories in 29 Indigenous communities, human rights violations against land defenders, theft of land, and blatant disregard for traditional and ancestral environmental knowledge worldwide. But we’ve also seen communities come together and create community-based climate action plans. Their collaboration, strength, and perseverance, despite a lack of help from the government, has been inspiring!

At VIDEA, we recognize the integral role climate justice plays in gender equality, social justice, human rights, disability rights, and decolonization, as all these things are interconnected. Foragers and scavengers have already proved that life on this planet can adapt to extreme climates and change. We are taking inspiration from our scrappy relatives as we move forward into the future that we are envisioning and creating together. This year, we are declaring our intention to showcase the strength of our community in the face of an uncertain future.

Taking action and raising awareness has never been more important, and what better way to do that than by participating in fun, creative, and thought-provoking challenges.

To stimulate some healthy competition, we’ve split up into six teams themed around expert foragers and scavengers who teach us every day how to create community, redistribute energy and adapt to ever-changing environments:

Team Crocodile, Team Lobster, Team Raccoon, Team Crow, Team Honey Badger, Team Spirit Bear

For one week, we will demonstrate what living in solidarity can look like. It’s time to connect with our communities, show support, and have some fun. We will use the Global Solidarity Challenge week to show solidarity in our own unique ways while raising funds to help support VIDEA’s education, gender, and poverty reduction programs in Canada and overseas. Learn more about these programs at the bottom of this page or check out VIDEA’s website for more details!