Welcome to VIDEA’s 12th Global Solidarity Challenge!

Are you ready for a challenge: one that will test your resilience, compassion, community networks, and vigour? VIDEA is about to put your skills to the test through our annual fundraising event, The Global Solidarity Challenge: Global Connection Edition!

Over the past year, we have watched as our community struggled, adapted, innovated, overcame, and shined. Throughout it all, our community has sustained and supported us, and we recognize that all the work VIDEA does wouldn’t be possible without our connections to each other. Social justice, climate change, and human rights issues have also been brought to the forefront during the pandemic. Taking action and raising awareness has never been more important, and what better way to do that than by participating in fun and thought-provoking challenges.

This year’s GSC will be like no other and we want you to join us! Let’s challenge ourselves and promote global solidarity, not just this week but every single day!

Our theme this year, Global Connection, pulls on our connection to technology, our connection to the earth, and, most importantly, our connection to each other. To stimulate some healthy competition, we’ve split up into five teams:

Team Aunties, Team Dandy Lions, Team Social Butterflies, Team Bee Connected, and Team Ewe Got Mail

For one week, we will demonstrate just what standing in solidarity can look like. It’s time to connect with our communities, show support from afar, and have fun. We will use the Global Solidarity Challenge week to show solidarity in our own unique ways while raising funds to help support VIDEA’s education, gender, and poverty reduction programs in Canada and overseas. Learn more about these programs at the bottom of this page or check out VIDEA’s website for more details!

How to Register


So, why is solidarity important? The Global Solidarity Challenge allows VIDEA to continue to support development projects like these ones:

Canada Corps – In 2019, VIDEA launched a youth-led program, Reconciliation: A Journey Through the Heart, that stimulates community learning through engaging youth in multiple BC communities including, Victoria, Nelson, and Simpcw First Nation to work together and co-create arts-based performances to share what they have learned with the wider community.

Youth Internship Programs – between 2017-2022 VIDEA will provide 140 opportunities for Indigenous young people to take part in the International Indigenous Youth Internship program providing support and solidarity to overseas partners in Uganda, Zambia, and South Africa;

Public engagement – every year VIDEA delivers a range of public engagement projects across BC that help community members to better understand global issues and to figure out how to make a difference. Through activities during International Development Week, supporting Indigenous initiatives, the Fair Trade Fair, and many more, thousands of Canadians gain the opportunity to volunteer, take part, learn more, and become more active global citizens;

Education – VIDEA has delivered a vibrant education programme for over 40 years! Every year VIDEA provides opportunities for students and youth to learn about global issues through the development of new resources and learning opportunities. We provide mentorship and opportunities for volunteers, interns and practicum students to gain the experience they need to pursue careers in international development and social justice areas, and support to teachers and educators looking to integrate global issues into their learning experience;

Indigenous Knowledge – through this innovative program Indigenous youth, Elders, and community members in Canada and in the south and east African countries that we work in are connected and better able to address the issues that they face in solidarity and by sharing knowledge passed down and reclaimed;

Shared Wisdom: Raised Voices – 8 youth leaders from Lil’wat Nation, Maskwacis, Whitehorse and Victoria are engaged in a two year leadership project with the aim of strengthening local and global communities and providing youth with the opportunity to be leaders in addressing violence against women and girls in their home communities through building their capacity and leadership skills;

  1. Ewe Got Mail

    $9,275 donated of $4,000 goal
  2. Social Butterflies

    $5,697 donated of $4,000 goal
  3. Aunties

    $4,940 donated of $4,000 goal
  4. Dandy Lions

    $4,351 donated of $4,000 goal
  5. Bee Connected

    $2,000 donated of $4,000 goal