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Welcome to VIDEA’s 14th Global Solidarity Challenge!

The Global Solidarity Challenge fundraiser began in 2010 as a unique way to fill funding gaps in our programs. When the idea was first conceptualized, we were told that for an organization of our size, it would be near impossible to raise the funds we needed using a community-based approach, but we love a challenge!! And our community came through! In the first year of the GSC, we raised $25,000 – we couldn’t have done it without our incredible community who shows up for us year after year.

Over the years, challengers have come up with fun, creative, inspiring challenges to raise funds. This year, however, we are going to let our work speak for itself!! VIDEA has SO many awesome programs made possible by a team of unbelievably kind, brave, creative, inclusive, diverse people!! This team and community blows us away every single day, and we want to tell you allllll about them! These people and programs are who and what you will be supporting when you donate to our Global Solidarity Challenge.

One thing we can’t let go of is a bit of healthy competition! As always, we’re splitting into teams based on the key themes of our work:

For one week, we will demonstrate what living in solidarity can look like. It’s time to connect with our communities, show support, have some fun and raise funds to support our work in so-called Canada and overseas. You can learn about these programs below, and make sure to check out our website for more details!