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Cheyenne Kechego

    So every year I do my best to participate in the VIDEA Global Solidarity challenge.

    VIDEA is the non-profit organization that sent me to Africa on an overseas internship. It was one of the best choices I’ve ever made.

    The goal of the challenge is to raise awareness and donations to help support future indigenous interns all across Canada.

    Well this year, I am on Team Lobster!

    Have you ever seen an indigenous lobster? Well you have now.

    For my challenge, I want to bring awareness to 🧡Every Child Matters🧡. I am hoping to create a future for my child that she doesn’t have to recover from.

    My daughter and i live close to the old Mush hole, where a few of my grandparents and other relatives attended for a long period of time.

    My challenge is visiting the mush hole with my child.

    We will go sing, dance, pray and put down our tobacco for Every Child That Attended and may or may not have made it home.

    I will take a picture and/or video of our visits and give feed back about the process with our mind, heart, body and spirit.

    🧡🧡Thank you for taking the time to read about my challenge 🧡🧡

    If you would like to donate please send me msg or click on the link below and follow the donation instructions.

    🧡One again thank you for reading and showing support anyway you can 🧡


    Raising funds for: Team Lobster
    34.00% Raised
    $85 donated of $250 goal
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