Hillary Ronald

Hi friends! So excited you are here and so excited for this year’s global solidarity challenge!

This year makes year #7 and I am thrilled to be challenging with and cheering on all the Dandy Lions! Did you know that dandelions are one of the first plants to pop up after a major disturbance like a wildfire?? Some people might see a weed, but these yellow beauties are useful, resilient and can be found EVERYWHERE. They remind me of some youth I know 🙂

The last year has been a tough one! But I am so proud of the VIDEA community working together, dreaming big and finding so many ways to build up and support each other. My challenge this year is going to focus on climate and community! I’m not particularly crafty (you got this Sabreena) but I do listen to and read a vast amount of climate related material so stay tuned for podcast lists, author recommendations and some personal reflections on food sovereignty in urban spaces, or we can just hang out – I guarantee 2 out of 3 of those topics WILL come up!

For all donations $15 or over, you will be entered into a draw to win a very cute, dandelion inspired gift package! $15 = 1 entry, $45 = 3 entry and so on 🙂

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