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    Hi friends!

    I hope everyone is ready to forage and scavenge with Team Lobsters! Did you know that lobsters can live up to 100 years old? That’s a long time, so they must know a lot! As the world changes, it’s time to reconnect with the land and waters around us and learn from our red shelled friends! #clawsup

    What’s my challenge?

    This year I will be sharing some of the those climate friendly things that the zero waste articles and Instagram posts are always pushing. Yes – I recycle (obviously), try to grow some of my own food, thrift and bring my reusable coffee cup to work every day. The sad thing is, those small daily practices really don’t matter. They don’t even come close to scratching the surface of the climate crisis. Don’t get me wrong, they are important because they show that you care and can be a good starting point for managing what I like to call BIG CLIMATE FEELINGS (more often seen as climate anxiety). But at the end of the day, these actions do not get at the roots and so at best, they are band aid solutions and at worst, just another marketing scheme.

    And that is why this year, I’m sharing my rage! For the week of the challenge, I will be sharing some resources on how the fossil fuel companies have wormed their ways into our brains and made everyday people feel like they are to blame for the crisis we’re facing (fun fact: BP – British Petroleum were the ones to first push the idea of measuring our carbon footprint). I will also be inviting folks to join me in directing our anger at the companies and governments truly responsible! Does that sound like something you want more info on? Send me a message or email at

    I’ll leave you with one of my favorite articles – this is why I don’t care if you recycle (but if you can, please do because it’s still better than nothing)

    “I work in the environmental movement. I don’t care if you recycle.” via @voxdotcom


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    Working with the climate team over the past year has taught me so much about the importance of getting creative and building our skills and networks! This year, I’ll be challenging myself to put these skills into practice!




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