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Kassidy George

    By donating under Kassidy, on team raccoons! You will have your name entered into my draw. When the GSC is then finalized, I will be pulling names from my draw and winners will get their prize! Prizes are 30-80$ prize boxes:) 1st Place:80$Prize box.  2nd Place:50$Prize box.  3rd place:30$ Prize box.  updates on the announcements, will be posted shortly:)

    *The donations are all used towards funding for non- profit organizations. Focusing on varieties of different community support and assistance globally!!! let’s fight for what’s right!*
    All donations for draw⬇️: 

    5$= 1 entry.

    8$ = 2 entry.

    10$= 3 entry.

    15$= 5 entry.

    20$= 8 entry.

    25$= 10 entry.

    30$= 12 entry.

    Raising funds for: Team Raccoon
    25.00% Raised
    $125 donated of $500 goal
    6 Donors