Lesley Palmer

Hello! It’s 2021 and I am really excited to be participating in VIDEA’s Global Solidarity Challenge! This year I am excited to be on Team Aunties. I am an Auntie and I love ants! Did you know:

  • The ant is one of the world’s strongest creatures in relation to its size – A single ant can carry 50 times its own bodyweight, and they’ll work together to move bigger objects as a group!
  • Unlike some bugs who might only live for days or even hours, the queen ant of one particular species – the Pogonomyrmex Owyheei – can live up to 30 years.
  • Ants can help humans and the environment – ants have a major influence in ecosystems worldwide and their roles are diverse. Ants benefit ecosystems by dispersing seeds, pollinating plants and improving the quality of soil.

Thank you for your support!

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