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Sarah Danks

    Hi, welcome to my challenge!

    For this year’s Global Solidarity Challenge, I’ll be pulling on our climate justice theme and doing a Zero Food Waste Challenge!

    I love cooking and I recently moved, so I want to take this opportunity to learn more about the local food in my area, how to save food and therefore money, and what my personal impact is!

    I am incredibly fortunate to be able to choose what I eat because many people around the world do not have that choice. This makes it even more infuriating that the average Canadian household throws out about $1,300 worth of food a year. When you account for grocery stores and restaurants, we waste $31 billion worth of food!

    Food waste also has environmental impacts. According to the UN’s 2o21 Food Waste Index Report, it accounts for 8-10% of greenhouse gas emissions. And wasting food wastes not only the food itself but also all of the resources that went into producing it including water, energy, land, labor, etc.

    So this year, I’ll be buying only what I need, learning how to make it last, buying local, getting creative with leftovers, and raising funds for an organization that is incredibly close to my heart!

    Thank you so much for donating to my challenge, it means so much to me!

    Raising funds for: Team Raccoon
    133.33% Raised
    $800 donated of $600 goal
    15 Donors