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Climate Justice

  1. Climate Justice

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A climate justice focus is integral to our work – the Climate Justice team shares their knowledge and wisdom with all other VIDEA teams, which is reflected in all of our programmes. 

Working Together As One is an Indigenous youth- and community-led climate project working to uplift Indigenous and community-based solutions to the climate crisis. Most recently, they have been building creehouses in three of the four communities – T’Sou-ke, Lil’wat and TLKemCHeen/Lytton – where food security is the theme. All Community Climate Justice Coordinators have been pursuing innovative and exciting community engagement on climate solutions. Check out their instagram here! 

From Our Territories, another climate justice project, is made up of Indigenous youth leaders from T’Sou-ke First Nation, Lytton First Nation, Kamloops Indian Band, Lil’Wat First Nation, and T’it’q’et First Nation who are engaging with their communities, Elders, Knowledge Keepers, and the land, and sharing their learning through short videos and curriculum resources.

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