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Culture, Stories and Reconciliation

  1. Culture, Stories and Reconciliation

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Decolonization guides our work. We approach and measure our work through a decolonial lens, integrating identified Calls to Action and Calls for Justice. Our strategic goals are developed using a decolonized approach, and integrate decolonization and reconciliation throughout. We honour many diverse (Indigenous) knowledge systems, and ways of knowing and being throughout our work, and advocate for decolonization in our sector. 

Decolonization is an important theme across all of our work and can be seen in the way we approach everything – hiring, funding, relationships, leadership, programmes and more. Our team seeks out opportunities to uplift and advocate for decolonization in our sector through workshops, sitting on boards and councils, and leadership at conferences and events, including internationally. The Indigenous Governance & Decolonial Practices and Policy Team work hard to ensure that young people, in all their diversity, are able to claim their rights and create policy-level change. 

We are so proud of the young Indigenous leaders that guide this work – their strength, bravery and commitment to ensuring Indigenous voices, knowledge and rights are included in this sector. 

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