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Hey! We’re dandy, we’re lions, and we’re the Dandy Lions!

Welcome to our Team!

Our leaders are Hillary, Sunshine, and Shelby!

Based on the principles of the mighty dandelions of growth in any conditions, bringing beauty to any space, and adapting to anything!

We are here to support you in becoming your brightest self, and support your dreamiest goals!

Let’s get creative with our challenges!

You could:

      • Save the bees! Plant Indigenous Wildflowers in your garden!

      • Clean up! Walk around your community picking up litter!

      • Forage! Make some Dandelion Tea!


Hi friends! I’m Hillary and I lead VIDEA’s climate programming AND more importantly, am cheering on all the Dandy Lions with my co-conspirators Sunshine and Shelby 💛🧡 I’m a multi-generational settler living on the lands of the Songhees and Esquimalt peoples. You can find me on Twitter trolling fossil fuel companies and directing my rage at power, not people. Did you know dandelions are one of the first plants to pop up after a major disturbance to the land? Those yellow ‘weeds’ that get in your way are also a sign of strength, resilience and show us that growth is always possible! Join us for the solidarity challenge. I promise we’ll keep you laughing!


Tansi Everyone! My name is Shelby Anderson! My traditional name is Sekwanahcahk which means "Spring Spirit" in Cree. I'm working on Treaty 8, the land of my family on both sides. Cree from Wabasca, Alberta and Metis from Gift Lake, Alberta. I'm a Community Climate Justice Coordinator. I love nature, Indigenous knowledge ways, and community building. A fun fact about me is that I eat an egg sandwich every day.


Hi! My name is Skw’akw’as Dunstan-Moore. Sunshine is my English name and I am one of the Community Climate Justice Coordinator at VIDEA! I am from Lytton, BC on the Nlaka’pamux Territory. A fun fact about me is that in 2013, I had 8 teeth removed 😬 I am so excited to be participating in this year’s Global Solidarity Challenge!

Dandy Lion Campaigns

  1. Ashley Dennehy

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  9. Sabreena (she/her)

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  10. Hillary Ronald

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  11. Skw’akw’as (Sunshine) Dunstan-Moore

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  12. Sekwanahcahk / Shelby

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  1. Dandy Lions

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Team Dandy Lion's Donors

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