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Hello and welcome to Team Ewe Got Mail! We can’t wait to be enveloped in this year’s Global Solidarity Challenge, and we’re so excited that you’re joining us! 

This year’s Global Solidarity Challenge focuses on Connection! After this past year, connection has meant more to us than ever. Our connection to each other, our connection to the land, and our Zoom connection (too soon?). But seriously, we’ve seen how intrinsically connected we all are

Sarah Danks

Hi there, I’m Sarah and I’m one of the Team Leaders for Team Ewe Got Mail and I am so excited to be participating in another Global Solidarity Challenge! I’ve worked for VIDEA since 2016 as our Communications and Fundraising Coordinator. I mainly run VIDEA’s social media, design and write communications, and organize the GSC. To me, solidarity means showing up with your actions, words, and wallet. It means supporting, educating, and getting involved.

Lynn Thornton

Hello, I’m Lynn and I am a Team Leader for Team Ewe Got Mail! I am super pumped to be raising funds for this year’s Global Solidarity Challenge. I have been the Executive Director of VIDEA for the past 18 years and I’m passionate about actions that empower youth to lead global development.

Ewe Got Mail Campaigns

  1. Connection

    $210 donated of $400 goal
  2. Andy Harris

    $1,496 donated of $1,500 goal
  3. Isaac Mbewe

    $100 donated of $500 goal
  4. Cora LaRussa

    $870 donated of $750 goal
  5. Lynn Thornton

    $2,555 donated of $2,000 goal
  6. Addy’s Global Solidarity Page

    $250 donated of $500 goal
  7. Su Russell

    $630 donated of $500 goal
  8. Brianna Long

    $1,875 donated of $1,850 goal
  9. Kira Lyseng (she/her)

    $712 donated of $600 goal
  10. Sarah Danks

    $550 donated of $500 goal
  1. Ewe Got Mail

    $9,275 donated of $4,000 goal

Team Ewe Got Mail's Donors

  1. Ben Jessome

  2. Tara Morellato

  3. Anonymous

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  5. Karen Philp

  6. Sheila Perry

  7. Anonymous

  8. Rocky Mtn Chocolate Courtenay

  9. Anonymous

  10. Cora LaRussa