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We are so grateful for the beautifully diverse team and community that makes VIDEA the vibrant organization it is today. Everyone is welcome at VIDEA!! Team Inclusion celebrates and supports this diversity, ensuring that VIDEA is a space where everyone can thrive! 

Inclusion encapsulates the celebration of diversity that makes VIDEA the vibrant organization that it is today. 

The Anti-Racism team promotes respectful and reciprocal relations between communities, combating racism and hate with love and celebration. Black and Indigenous youth working to oppose and dismantle the systems and institutions that perpetuate systemic racism, discrimination and oppression. 

VIDEA’s Inclusion Team is always working to make our sector more meaningfully inclusive, accessible and supportive for everyone. From hosting a weekly Creative Hour to support folks to connect through creativity, to Work Experience programmes for folks with disabilities, the Inclusion Team represents and uplifts the diversity of VIDEA. 

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