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Welcome to Team Social Butterflies! Our Team Leaders are Jennifer, Lili, and Kate. Are you ready to do some fun, thought-provoking challenges!

We will have Social Butterfly challenges that everyone can participate and have lots of fun! For example:

• Tik Tok Baking challenge • Phone call friend • Send a letter!

We will also have a video introducing ourselves as the Social Butterflies Team!


Hi, my name is Jennifer Dosanj and I’m a Team Leader for the Social Butterflies. It’s my first time being a part of the GSC and I am so stoked!! I’ve been working for VIDEA since March as their Facilitation and Engagement Officer. I’ve worked on the Digital Kindness App and toolkit, and I consult on a variety of projects. Solidarity means inclusion and teamwork to me! Sign up and join Team Social Butterflies! We’ll have lots of fun!


Hello, I’m Kate Haworth and I’m one of the Team Leaders for Team Social Butterflies! I am the Program Coordinator at VIDEA and I am so excited to be participating in this year’s Global Solidarity Challenge! To me, solidarity means looking after our communities, local and global. We are all connected - solidarity is about working together for the greater good.


Hi there! My name is Lili Coyes-Loiselle and I am a program coordinator at VIDEA! I am currently living on Treaty 6 Territory in Edmonton, Alberta and I am a proud member of the Métis Nation of Alberta. To me, solidarity means creating a community of understanding, awareness, and commitment to creating change! I am so excited to be participating in this year’s Global Solidarity Challenge and can’t wait to see what this summer has in store!

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