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Youth Opportunities 

  1. Youth Opportunities

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Indigenous-focused wellness is central to supporting youth to thrive. This team includes the amazing folks who make Indigenous Wellness Wednesday, Indigenous Social Inclusion, and Elder Wellness programmes possible. 

Indigenous Wellness Wednesday is a space for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit youth to access Indigenous-focused wellness and healing. Indigenous facilitators, Elders, and Knowledge Keepers support youth to explore their wellness needs and goals to better understand what wellness looks like to them! Indigenous Wellness Wednesday is healing, community, harm reduction, lateral liberation and kindness.

Strengthening Roots, Growing Together fosters social connections and inclusion in seven Indigenous communities through Indigenous youth-led, community-based programming. This team has pulled off some amazing events for their communities – from an Indigenous book club (with a visit from the author!!), moccasin making, Earth Day community clean ups, a music festival, culture and healing camps, and so much more!! 

Elders play an extremely important role in so many of our programs – from sharing knowledge and teachings to cultural and wellness support. Early in the pandemic, we knew it would be important to find ways to support our community. We prioritized Elders, who were experiencing some of the worst impacts of the pandemic, starting with care packages and hot meal drop-offs to show our love and care. This has transformed into ongoing support and engagement with Elders through weekly Storytelling events, care packages, workshops, community events, knowledge exchange with youth, and more!

Global Community Storytelling remains a super special and welcoming weekly space for the VIDEA community – we look forward to Monday evenings because of it!! Storytellers continue to generously share beautiful, powerful, funny, thoughtful, interesting, and creative stories, art, and songs. We have had many special edition Storytelling nights to highlight, celebrate and commemorate. We are grateful for all of those who have shared – this space would be nothing without you!

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